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Butterfly valve TECWAT dry shaft

✔  Robust design : ductile iron body GGG50

✔ Corrosion limited : The dry shaft is never in contact with the fluid

✔ ​​​ Actuator easy installation (pneumatic, electrical)

✔ Equipped with an IP67 mechanical gearbox

✔ Complies with standard EN1074 and to WRAS and ACS agreements

✔ Easy to use due to self-lubricated bearings

In stock up to DN 1200 !







Clapet à fermeture rapide

Quick-closing check valve


✔ Prevents water hammer

✔  Operates silently, no vibration

✔ Innovative design conception :
Damped closing due to obturator elasticity, Optimized conception,
Unique range PN10/16/25/40/ASA150

✔ Body and ring: ductile iron (GGG40)

✔ Conform to ACS agreement

In stock up to DN 500 !