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Water treatment plant installation project

Supplied butterfly valves, quick-closing non-return check valves

Water distribution – DUBAI

Fountain water filtration in the Burj Khalifa tower 

Supplied butterfly valves for fountain water filtration

Desalination – Saudi Arabia

Seawater desalination project for the MEWA

Supplied Tecwat butterfly valves




Sugar Refineries – France

Treatment of water used to clean beets

Supplied knife gate valves

Viticulture – France

Viticulture installation in Cazouls-Lès-Bèziers

Supplied butterfly valves and ball check valves

Powders – France

Powdery Applications/Powder

Supplied under-silo knife gate valves




Heating – France

Hydrothermal power station installation

Supplied flanged balancing valves, ball check valves

HVAC – France

Boiler Room Pac Charras

Supplied manual and motorized Tecfly butterfly valves, ball check valves, safety valves and strainers

HVAC – Cyprus

“City of Dreams” project (construction of casinos and hotels in Cyprus)

Supplied butterfly valves, ball valves, Tecfly butterfly valves, expansion joints and strainers





New Pulper Installation

Supplied knife gate valves (through type and deflectors)

Paper Industry – France

Application in a paper mill in Laveyron

Supplied knife gate valves

Paper Industry – France

Creation of a new processing and preparation unit for paper pulp

Supplied knife gate valves (standard, through type and double gate), butterfly valves, stainless steel ball valves




Biogas – Belgium

Bioenergy project at Parvilliers Farm

Supplied stainless steel ball valves

Biogas – France

Waste Collection Point in Ker Ar Big

Supplied butterfly valves, knife gate valves, ball valves, ball check valves

Biogas – France

Gaec des pins job site

Supplied knife gate valves and bidirectional knife gate valves





Tunnels – France

Euralpin Lyon/Turin Tunnel (Tunnel water main)

Supplied knife gate valves, VPE, resilient seat gate valves, expansion joints

Mining – Ukraine

Installation of water network to transport ores 

Supplied quick-closing check valves

Tunnel (metro) – Egypt

Cairo Metro

Supplied knife gate valves




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