[1] Tips for using a knife gate valve TECOFI

– The valves are always delivered with the gland packing loose. Before use, gradually tighten the gland packing.
– After pressurizing the circuit, check for leaks at the stuffing box and tighten if necessary.
– Ensure the visibility of the indexer.
– Specific end-line editing.*.
– Observe mounting positions*.
– Observe the mounting direction*.
– For prolonged storage or low operating frequency, lubricate the adjusting screw regularly.
– Be sure to mount the protective tube of the adjusting screw at the first installation. The fat reserves of the drive screw is provided in the protection tube, offering a regular greasing.
– When a motor is mounted on valve, make sure to grease the motor nuts and valve stem.
* see the recommendations in our catalog

[2] Tips for using a butterfly valve TECOFI

-Position 1/4 throttle open for mounting.
-Entrouvrir Enough flanges to prevent damage to the cuff.
-Serrer Bolts progressively
-For A downstream disassembling with upstream pressure to see the recommendations in our catalog.
-The Size of pipe flanges must be identical to the DN of the valve.
-Do Not use seals between the valve and the flanges.

[3] Tips for using the check valves of no return TECOFI

– Observe the mounting direction *
– Respect the DN of correspondence between the valves and piping.
– Respect the distances. *
– Observe uses cycles.
– Observe uses cycles, avoid pulsing regimes and abnormal use of the valve.
* See recommendation in our catalog

[4] Installation Instructions for a ball check valve

– For DN> 250: Mounting off-axis with a possible shift to reduce water hammer during the descent of the ball.
– In the case of horizontal mounting, pay attention to the low load operation (ball closure).
– The ball check valves, degassing cap (optional) allows you to manually take off the ball in operating conditions.

[5] Installation instructions with a check valve single leaf

– Mount the check valve by using the hook for gripping.
– During a horizontal mounting axis of the hook materializes the vertical axis of the pipe.

[6] Installation instructions of a valve double doors

– Ensure proper operation of the return springs.
– DN> 150: mounting fluid descendant prohibited.
– When mounted horizontally, the axis of the valve must be vertical.

[7] Tips for using a ball valve TECOFI

-maintaining Valve or rotating screwing the side only: the 6 sides; using a wrench or an adjustable wrench:
-Avoid Using pliers or wrenches claws that can damage the outer coating.
-Never Pinch valve bodies in a vice;
-Serrer Moderately the fitting or the fitting
-Do Not block with any extensions (breaking of the butts or permanent deformation of the body) …

– General and for the small valves fitted to the building, not to exceed torque of 30 Nm on the occasion of a clamp.
– When A pre-assembly, the valve must not support the piping, except in cases of absolute necessity.
– Do Not remove the elements of new valves.
Each device has undergone hydraulic testing or receiving tires that ensure correct assembly of the elements and the tightness of the whole.
– The Connection of a ball valve is generally provided by a thread “GAS” sealed in the thread (the thread conical tube, threading the cylindrical sleeve), these threads must meet the requirements of NFE03-004 standard, it even according to ISO / R7. However, the lengths of the threaded sleeves being often smaller than the theoretical lengths ISO / R7 – and admits the standard NFE03-004- it is essential:
– limit the length of the threaded tube; to use a product (PTFE tape or the like) which seals the connection;
verify the end of the tube does not stumble on the shoulder of the seat (compulsory game 1 mm minimum).