Fields of activity

Water conveyance and treatment – seawater desalination

A significant part of our activity is directed towards the water treatment and environment sector.

Our products are especially adapted to respond to the needs of purification units (ACS and WRAS certification) as well as the demands of water treatment plants, thanks to our large ranges of butterfly valves, knife gate valves, check valves, diaphragm valves, etc.

We have a lot of experience in the sector of seawater desalination and we can offer you suitable products in stainless steel 316L, aluminium bronze, duplex, super duplex…



We have always highly valued projects for the service industries and professionals from the industry, as design departments, fitters and operators find a suitable solution to their needs in our range.

Our range of NF and ACS certified brass valves lets you meet the technical demands imposed by the specifications.

Paper industry

<span>Chemical industry – Petrochemical industry – Energy production</span>

We have a big presence in the sector of the paper pulp industry, as some of our leading products, like the through conduit knife gate valves and the double gate valves for the pulper outlet, are products that are regularly used by the industrialists in the sector.

Our other ranges of ball valves as well as hoses and products for the steam process are perfect complements to be able to provide a global solution to our customers.

Chemical industry – Petrochemical industry – Energy production

<span>Chemical industry – Petrochemical industry – Energy production</span>

Our proximity to the Lyon chemical industrial area was clearly an advantage in establishing our initial partnerships with these companies.

Our diaphragm valves, plug valves and other lined valves allow us to respond to people in industry area as regards very corrosive applications like acids, chlorine, phosphate or hard working conditions (high temperatures, high pressure).

Cement works – Mining

To be able to respond to these very difficult working conditions, most often on transport lines for solids-laden and abrasive media like stones, we’ve developed a knife gate valve with rubber sleeves to protect the body of the valve from any abrasions.

We are also present in numerous other areas such as:

– biogas

– food-processing industry

– pharmaceutical industry

– sugar industry, etc.

International presence

We are based all over the world.

Our network is developed, which makes it easier for us to support and be close to our customers for sales administration, commissioning and after-sales service.

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Our documentation and catalogues are available in several languages: French, English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, etc.

Quality and Environment

This policy has for general objectives to satisfy the requirements of our customers, our
suppliers, our employees and our interested parties as well as to answer the statutory, legal
requirements and others applicable requirements.

Quality and environment management manual


Management and Environment Policy


Environment Chart



Design department

illu-etude-1Our design department is innovative and has patents with the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

Our teams are equipped with the best tools for design, manufacturing, testing, calculating the resistance of materials according to the highest European standards (EN1074 – EN12516.2). Our engineers ensure technical expertise in the context of new product designs, but also in the event of analysing existing products on site.

Assistance with commissioning and maintenance

In addition to recommendations, advice and product sales, we can provide you with technical support and assistance after delivery, with product commissioning and maintenance.

A team of specialised technicians takes care of maintenance on site and in our workshops in the event of a malfunction in the installation. Our technicians are able to understand your process to offer concrete solutions to your technical issues.



Creation of Tecofi


Production factory in Spain


New site in Chassieu
Creation of our subsidiary in Cuba


Gaining of ISO 9002 certification

Creation of the Tecofi Maroc subsidiary in Casablanca


New production line
Gaining of ISO 9001 certification: 2000 version
Opening of representative office in Moscow, Russia

Gaining of CE PED certification


Integration into the Farex Group


Gaining of CE and ATEX certification


Gaining of ACS certification


New logistical site (6,500m²) in Corbas


Leaving the Farex Group and handing back control to the former management team