Butterfly valve with sleeve

Tecfly - Butterfly valve with sleeve

General use: water, sea water, air, hydrocarbons, acids etc.

– Design in accordance with NF EN 593.
– Tightness in both ways. NF EN 12266-1, NF EN 12266-2 – ISO 5208 – DIN 3230.
– Face to face in accordance with ISO 5752 serie 20, NF EN 558-1 serie 20.
– Sleeve with body in dovetail shape ensures a perfect assembling (for high vacuum we can stick it).
Aluminium reinforced sleeve: on request.
– Stem: high and low semi stem giving a high flow coefficient.
– Machined disc on periphery giving a low and regular torque.
– Stem unejectable.
– Bearing: stainless steel teflon lined.
– Dovetail type sleeve.

Tecfly VPI
Tecfly VPE

Tecfly - Butterfly valve with sleeve

– Body: cast iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless steel on request.
– Disc: chromed cast iron, stainless steel 316, 316 L.
Possibility various alloys, bronze aluminium, 904 L (Uranus B6®), etc.
– Sleeve: heat EPDM, nitril, FPM (type Viton®), silicone, etc.

– Body: oven backed epoxy coated, food quality, thickness 150 μ, RAL 5019.
– Disc: chromed disc, possibility rilsan, etc.

– Maximum working pressure: 16 bar.
– Maximum temperature according to type of sleeve.

– Manufacture according to the requirements of the European directive 97/23/CE «Equipments under pressure» : category III modulate H.
– Test procedures are established according to NF EN 12266-1, NF EN 12266-2 – DIN 3230 ISO 5208.

– TECFLY: between flanges PN 10 and PN 16: according to EN 1092-2.
Adjustable between flanges ASME B16.5, ASA 150.
– TECFLY LUG: standard: between flanges PN 10/16 up to DN 150, PN 10 for upper diameters.
Mounting between flanges ASA 150 and PN 16 for DN > 150 on request.

Mounting plate in accordance with ISO 5211 for easy assembling of following operating systems :
– ductile iron triple use handle (see details on page 19),
– manual gear box with open / position indicator,
– single or double acting pneumatic actuator,
– electrical actuator 24, 48, 230/400 V single or three phases, 50 or 60 Hz